David Johnson thinks Texans RB committee is great for a 17-game season

NFL owners are expected to approve moving to a 17-game regular season at this week’s league meetings and Texans running back David Johnson isn’t thrilled about that development.

Johnson said at a Monday press conference that he advocated against it at NFLPA meetings because an extra game is “not in the best interest of the players as a whole.” With all signs pointing to passage, though, Johnson is looking at the bright side.

The Texans’ free agency shopping spree has netted running backs Mark Ingram and Phillip Lindsay, which Johnson sees as a positive because of the extra work that will come with the change to the schedule.

“Honestly, I think it will be great,” Johnson said. “I think it will be great for us because it will help us all stay healthy and play in this long season, now hearing that they’re going to add another game to the season. I think it will be great for us, like you said, having veteran guys. That way we can all play together and it won’t be a lot of learning to be a professional athlete. Guys are really respected in the league, guys are responsible, real good pros in the league. I think it will help out a lot with this team, with the team moral and getting everyone going, especially with this run game. It was a tough running game last year and hopefully we can all, all three of us, can contribute and get this thing going.”

Johnson may feel differently if Ingram and/or Lindsay find their way to the top of the pecking order in the backfield, but he’s finding the bright side with months to go before the season is underway.